Tracegrow is a Finnish cleantech company based on a circular economy. It has developed as the only company in the world, the technology to extract trace elements, zinc and manganese, from used alkaline batteries to produce efficient, clean and ecological micronutrient products for agriculture.

Reasons to invest in Tracegrow:

1. Circular economy - The biggest business opportunity ever

2. Innovation: Tracegrow is the only company in the world that has developed an innovative technology to extract, purify and reuse the vital trace-elements zinc and Manganese from alkaline batteries and circulate them safely back into the nature.

3. Global need: Tracegrow's unique technology can help in solving the global problems such as farmland depletion, famine, water pollution, eutrophication, climate change and the growing waste problem.

4. Worldwide scale: Tracegrow can deliver worldwide both premium level, worlds most ecological and clean Mn and Zn -based liquid foliar fertilizers and turnkey production plants based on our groundbreaking technology.

5. Global demand: WHO has estimated that about 50% of the world's cultivated soil suffer from zinc deficiency, while about 800,000 people die each year of zinc deficiency.

6. Not only ecological, but also an economic offering: Although the final product offered by Tracegrow is the most ecological in the world, we can offer it at the same price as traditionally produced foliar fertilizers. We can offer our customers also technology deliveries in a competitive price and a short payback period (typically around 3 years).

7. Flexibility of the technology: Our unique chemical cleaning process is an excellent starting point for expanding operations to various raw materials and manufacturing new products for different industries.

8. A strong team and world-class partners

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Visitors at the factory of Tracegrow


Recycling and circular economy is a fast-growing trend in China and the companies are willing to invest in it. Zhejiang Unifull Industrial Fibre and its subsidiary Shandong Jinggong Electronics Technology are markable manufacturers of batteries in China.

Kaisa Hietala is Tracegrow's new Chairman of the Board


Kaisa Hietala has been elected as the new Chairman of the Board of Tracegrow. Hietala is an experienced business and sustainability executive who helps companies to transform the challenges of environmental megatrends into business opportunities and growth.

Kaisa Hietala Tracegrow'n hallituksen puheenjohtajaksi


Kaisa Hietala on valittu Tracegrow’n uudeksi hallituksen puheenjohtajaksi. Hietala on kokenut liiketoimintajohtaja, joka on erikoistunut ympäristö- ja ilmastohaasteiden sekä liiketoiminnan yhdistämiseen.