Management team

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Tatu Leppänen
M.Sc. (Tampere University of Technology, University of Queensland, University of Louisville)

International experience in working and living in different cultures, successfully carried out global responsibilities, proven track record of completing complex tasks and projects related e.g. to restructuring, obtaining new key accounts, production transfers and unit leadership.

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Operations Director
Mikko Joensuu
M.Sc. (University of Oulu)

Experience in related operations in well-known companies in Finland, such as Boliden and Nordic Mines. Experience in operational issues including plant and project management, achieved success in process development management demonstrating ability to identify critical issues, troubleshooting and finding new solutions when needed.

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Project Manager
Risto Uusitalo
B.Sc. (EE), Oulu University of Applied Sciences 

More than 25 years of experience in product development, project and business management in domestic and international environment.

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Plant Manager
Joni Rahunen
B.Sc. (Process and Chemistry, Centria University of Applied Sciences)

Proficient process engineer with strong management and team leader skills. Experience in mining and process industries from companies such as Nordic Mines Oy, CABB Oy, Walki Oy and Rani Plast Oy. The core experience includes design and development of the effective solutions for the industrial processes.



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Chairman of the board
Petri Huhtala

Serial entrepreneur and experienced business professional involved in multiple companies. Extensive knowledge both in operational and board-level functions.

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Member of the board (Marketing, Risk Management)
Kimmo Hyvärinen

Highly experienced executive with more than 20 years of experience in the financial business inc. sales, marketing and coaching.

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Member of the board (Economy)
Christoffer Wiklund

Finance professional with capability to combine business, legal and accounting perspectives of business transactions. Ability to turn complex business arrangements into understandable and meaningful numbers for financial reporting and decision-making. 

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Member of the board (Administration)
Janne Huhtala

Serial entrepreneur with comprehensive experience e.g. in the field of agriculture and farming.

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Secretary of the board
Tatu Leppänen


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Senior advisor
Lasse Saurio

LLM (University of Helsinki)

Nearly 40 years of legal and commercial experience in international trade. Global work in different cultures and business environments. Successful negotiation of power generation, and pulp & paper plant sales projects worldwide worth from tens of millions USD up to one billion USD.

Extensive career working with organizations such as G.A. Serlachius, Tampella (Finland and USA), Kvaerner, Metso and Valmet.

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Senior advisor
Juhani Anhava
M.Sc. (Helsinki University of Technology)

Extensive experience in management of large international water and environmental projects in consulting and engineering, including but not limited to assessment of due diligence, project risks, and environmental and social impact, as well as pulp and paper industry, chemical industry, mining and metal refining, hydropower, nuclear power generation, waste management, air pollution control, and environmental law and regulations in the EU. 

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Senior advisor
Kari Tiilikkala 
Dr.Sc. (Agr. & For.)

40 years of experience in multisectoral R&D. Special expertise on plant and soil health, IPM, climate-smart agriculture, bioeconomy, circular economy and sustainable use of natural resources.

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Senior advisor
Ulf Ingberg

Over thirty years of sales management and specialist experience in the global fertilizer markets. Special knowledge related to the emerging markets.


Tracegrow's first industrial size orders received mark a significant progress


Tracegrow received the first industrial size orders (tens of thousands of liters) both internationally and domestically in December. Thank you to all those farmers, distributors and partners for growing with us.

Tracegrow wishes a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Tracegrow donated Christmas present to The Baltic Sea Action Group’s fundraising to save our precious Baltic Sea. Happy holidays to everyone!

ZM-Grow won a gold medal for innovation at Agricultural Machinery Trade Fair


Tracegrow’s micronutrient product ZM-Grow was awarded with a gold medal at the Helsinki Agricultural Machinery Trade Fair last week. The jury consisting of journalists from agri-sector media chose the gold and silver medallists from the new products entered into the fair’s innovation competition.