Value statement

Grow profitably and ecologically with our premium circulated Zinc and Manganese-based micronutrient products.

Growth for farmers

Our clean and effective micronutrient products will offer better growth for millions of farmers worldwide. Healthy soil means healthier plants, which bring larger yields and higher profitability for farmers.

Growth for retailers and distributors

Our clean and effective premium micronutrient products offer retailers and distributors new growth potential globally and a possibility to differentiate from all the others in the industry.

Growth for manufacturers

We offer manufacturers a unique opportunity to invest in our innovative technology. We deliver turnkey production plants based on Tracegrow’s technology to our customers. With the new technology, customers can launch their own production of effective and clean, the world’s most ecological Zinc and Manganese-based micronutrients products.


Tracegrow's first industrial size orders received mark a significant progress


Tracegrow received the first industrial size orders (tens of thousands of liters) both internationally and domestically in December. Thank you to all those farmers, distributors and partners for growing with us.

Tracegrow wishes a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Tracegrow donated Christmas present to The Baltic Sea Action Group’s fundraising to save our precious Baltic Sea. Happy holidays to everyone!

ZM-Grow won a gold medal for innovation at Agricultural Machinery Trade Fair


Tracegrow’s micronutrient product ZM-Grow was awarded with a gold medal at the Helsinki Agricultural Machinery Trade Fair last week. The jury consisting of journalists from agri-sector media chose the gold and silver medallists from the new products entered into the fair’s innovation competition.