Already 2 MEUR raised in Tracegrow's direct share issue – time to invest until 7.11.2018


Tracegrow launched a direct share issue on the 26th of September on the AROUND crowdfunding platform. The share issue has already raised almost 2 MEUR of capital. The share issue ends on the 7th of November. The share issue provides Tracegrow with more resources for growth and internationalization of its business.

Our CEO Tatu Leppänen interviewed by YLE morning TV show


Our CEO Tatu Leppänen was interviewed by YLE morning TV show today. YLE is Finland's national broadcasting company. Read a summary of YLE's interview in English on YLE's news portal or watch it in Finnish here.

Tracegrow announces a direct share issue – more resources for exporting its cleantech innovation globally


Tracegrow has launched a direct share issue today with a goal to support the growth and internationalization of the company’s business operations. The subscription price per share is EUR 7.19. Tracegrow has implemented the share issue on the AROUND crowdfunding platform, which is managed by Privanet Securities Oy Ltd. 

Innovative Finnish clean technology to increase global food production. Our effective and clean, the world’s most ecological Zinc and Manganese-based micronutrient products grow healthier and more productive farmland. We offer profitable, ecological growth for millions of farmers worldwide. In addition to our premium level micronutrient fertilizers, we deliver turnkey production plants based on Tracegrow’s groundbreaking technology.